Shopping in Spain

You can go to the spannish border, to the Perhus, a 30km away from Argelès (that is half an hour drove) to supply in less-taxed products like cigarettes, perfumes, alcohols...


You are allowed to bring back with you (according to the customs' website - september 2012) :



- You can carry up to 5 cartons of cigarettes (i.e. 1kg of tobacco) with no formality. 

- Between 6 and 10 cartons, you have to show a accompanying simplified document (DSA: Document Simplifié d'Accompagnement). To draw this document up, you'll only have to present yourself to the french customs' office, after the border. 

Without a DSA or a spontaneous declaration during the inspection, the customer risks the seizure of the tobacco and a penalty. 

- The introduction of more than 10 cartons of cirgarettes (i.e. 2kg of tobacco) is prohibided in every case. The seizure of the tobacco as well as a penalty will be applied. 

Be careful : the quantities above are applied by means of transportation, for personal vehicle and lorry, with no regard to the number of passenger on board. 

If the transportation is made by a collective transport (bus, train, boat, plain), this quantities are applied to each adult passenger (+ 18). 


Wines and alcohols

 Syrupy drinks (whisky, gin, vodka, etc.) 10 liters
Intermediary products (vermouths, portos, madère, etc.) 20 liters
Wines (with a maximum of 60 liters of fizzy wines) 90 litres (including 60 liters of fizzy wines)
Beers 110 liters

N.B. : The threshold is understood by individual means of transportation or by person older than 17 in case of the use of a collective transport (beyond 9 passengers, driver included).