Collioure's anchovies

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The anchovy-fishing has for a long time made the reputation of Collioure, who counted 800 fishermen a century ago... But only two salting and cannery workshops remain of the thirty that existed then: the Desclaux house and the Roque & Cie House, who proposes the traditional anchovies fresh or in jar, in tin, in bucket... 


The preparation of anchovies fillets is still made with the artisanal savoir-faire appealing to a great hability to manipulate this small blue fish and proceed to the operation of salting, toping, evisceration, fillet-making, wrapping and canning. Proposed under different preparations (fresh, with vinegar, salty, with oil), the anchovies of Collioure are perfect as a first course. 

The Roque and Desclaux Houses welcome the visitors in their shops and initiate them to the authentic method of preparing the Collioure's anchovies