The European Ecolabel


A nature-coloured logo for a stay devoted to green. 


The European Ecolabel, well-known by its presence on the daily products (food, paint, wahing products...) can also be  given to a sector of services, like the hotel trade. 

Started in 1992 by the European Union, the Ecolabel program is made to promote products and services that are respectfull to the environment and which impacts are reduced. The checks are done by independent organism. In France, it is Afnor that inform the companies that want to receive the Ecolabel and that verify the respect of the reglementation. 

We wanted to assert our attachment to the preservation of the environment by our commitment to this program in 2012. 

As to do so, a few environmental and sanitary criteria (part of them obligatory, the others optional) had to be respected. Drastic and precise, they concern preoccupations like the general reduction of the water and energy consumption, the use of renewable energies and the reduction of waste as well as the sensibilization to the environment. It goes by good practices as the choice of a classe A household electrical fourniture, the automatical extinction of every electrical devices in the rooms; or by the purchase of organic, fair and / or local produces for your breakfast. 


The European commision mandated a survey that confirm the rising demand from the tourists. According to this survey, "42% of them prefer to choose a eco-aware stay", almost "46% want that their holiday place promote actively the protection of the environment", and near of "60% think that the bad management of the esterior waste and pollution are off-putting". 

Of course, the surveys, as we can observe with the fair trade, are showing intentions : it is now to us to make those intentions reality. The raising care about the environmental problems, the development of the eco-tourism and a regulation more and more severe let us hope that the tourists favour now the establishments awarded by the European Ecolabel.

Let's help the little flower of the Ecolabel to bloom...


« A bit, even a little bit, if you can do it, do it »
Théodore Monod