Eus, 65km away


Terraced village built in the guarrigue between the Conflent valley and the Canigou mount, this old defensive place had to repel the French during the 16th century and the Spanish army during the 18th.   

Pyrénées Orientales

Marking the entrance of Eus, the norman chapel is devoted to the patron saint of the wine-growers and to Saint Gaudérique. It opens by a porch of the 13th century made with the pink marble of Villefranche-de-Conflent.  Today, the old citadel of Eus is replaced by the impressive Saint Vincent Church, of the 18th century, from which slide down the small street paved of pebbles. It raises where was established the roman camp missioned to wtach the road linking Terrenera to the Cerdagne.