Castelnou, 25km away


Castelnou is one of the most remarkable historical site of the region, with its fortified castled of the 10th century that dominate the whole plain of the Roussillon.

Pyrénées Orientales


Dominating the village, the viscountal castle knew how to adapt its five-sided shape to the abrupt and irregular apexes of the rock on which it was built. The vestiges of its fortifications of the 13th century surrounds cobbled lanes lined with ochre coloured houses where climb ivies and oleanders. Some artists and artisans find there the ideal setting for their activities and bring then a cultural emulation to this wine-making city where your can taste some excellent red wines producted in the area. The fortified medieval wall and the streets of Castelnou with its catalan country houses make of this "village-castle" a key-stop-off of the Aspres valley. Only 20km to the south-west of Perpignan, Castelnou settled down the Aspres with, for setting, the Canigou, the mythical mountain of the Catalan.