The Canigou summit, 80km away

The Mount Canigó, great site of France

Canigó, the "sacred Mountain" of Roussillon, in the heart of the Pyrenees, peaks at 2.785m. On both sides of the Sapnish border, the spectacular landscapes of the massif keep some tremendous walks.   

The Canigou offers a unqiue panoramic viewpoint on the mountain and the Mediterranean sea. For the campers, mountaineers, skiers, hikers, and more genuinely for the lovers of a wild and authentic nature is given one of the moutains the richest in original scenery, ranked "Grand site de France" ® (great site of France) in 2012. Waterway, stream and rivers slide down its hight peaks. The Mount Canigou is inhabitated by a precious fauna dominated by the izards, woodchucks, capercaillies, eagles and vultures.

The Canigou is a land of legends and believes linked to the hard life of the shepherds hight in the mountains. The blood and gold banner riped by the winds that flutter on its peak isn't there by accident. The Canigou is a point of reference for every one living in this region to who the ascent to the summit is a real pilgrimage. 

The t​robade (from the catalan Trobada, which means "meeting"), during the weekend before the feasts of Saint Jean (the 24th of June), is an emblematic celebration of the massif. The Catalans climb to the peak of their sacred mount to depose faggots in which they slide a word of peace, of brotherhood, of love. Its summit is accessible during summer by car from Prades or Vernet-les-Bains, and then walking.